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            Jiangsu Nijiaxiang Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 in Zhouzhuang town, Jiangyin City. The floor area is 2,000 mu and the total assets are 520 million Yuan RMB. There are over 800 professional talents. Nijiangxiang ranks among top 100 enterprises in Jiangyin city and top 500 enterprises in manufacturing industry in China.
            Nijiaxiang is a large-sized comprehensive enterprise group engaged in industries such as worsted textile, polyester staple fiber, expandable polystyrene, combed cotton yarn, cotton printing and dyeing, fine chemical, and etc. The company is capable of producing 15 million meters of worsted woolen fabric, 12 tons of...

            With the reform and opening era of strong sound, Nijiaxiang people strutting along the way. Nijiaxiang Group more than twenty years experience to forge ahead, has now grown to total assets of over 5.0 billion, employs nearly 5,000 large joint-stock enterprise group...

            Harmony and innovation, developing market, solidarity and struggle, creating bright future
            Self-confidence, integrity; concentration, innovation
            Transcendental ego, pursuit of excellence
            Takes talent as fundamental, market as orientation, quality as assurance, service as tenet


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